Truitt Bros. has independently developed and successfully launched more than 1,000 products. East and west coast production facilities provide 400,000 square-feet of production capacity equipped with:

  • Ingredient sourcing
  • Process design and production scale up
  • 27 rotational retorts
  • Blendtherm™ preparation systems in both West and East production locations
  • Packaging lines for all four formats – trays, pouches, bowls and cups
  • Packaging for both low acid and high acid food production

How does Truitt seal in flavors and goodness to make foods shelf-stable?

Imagine the simple science behind a classic pressure cooker. It uses steam heat and pressure in a sealed vessel to cook and preserve fresh ingredients making them safe to store in a pantry. Our process is not that different! Our 27 industrial size rotational retorts use very hot water and pressure to thermally cook soups, sauces and entrées packed in convenient pouches, trays and bowls. This thermal processing in a state-of-the-art retort machine eliminates microbial organisms that can cause food spoilage, resulting in custom-prepared foods that are safe to store without refrigeration for the shelf life of the product. With retort processing, there’s no need to use any preservatives to seal in flavor, nutrition and quality.