Our equipment and processes give us the flexibility to package and thermally process food in a format that meets our customers’ specifications and stands out in the domestic and international marketplace. We offer a wide array of the latest, flexible packaging, including:

  • Pouches: 2 oz. – 104 oz. (plastic, foil, gusseted and pillow pouch)
  • Semi-rigid trays: 7oz. – 13 oz.
  • Double seam bowls: 7.5 oz. – 15 oz.
  • Cups: 4.5 oz.

In addition to these formats and sizes, we have close relationships with many container suppliers and can source a breadth of packing designs. We know that staying current in the marketplace requires innovative products, new flavors, and often new package formats and designs. We’re here to help you navigate and produce what your customers demand.