Some of our most successful products start as a simple concept. We pride ourselves in working closely with our customers to transform an idea into a viable product.

Our award-winning R&D team is a recognized authority in shelf-stable food formulations and production. They bring decades of experience developing delicious heat-and-eat side dishes, entrees, sauces and soups for the commercial and foodservice marketplace.

As a full-service contract manufacturer of shelf-stable, nutritious and delicious foods, we provide the expertise and technology needed for the entire production continuum all in-house, including:

  • A team of highly skilled culinary professionals and food scientists ready to create custom recipes and formulations
  • Full-time lab technicians
  • Thermal process authority
  • Extensive batching and testing equipment
  • A pilot retort (still or rotated)
  • Extensive semi-rigid tray and pouch sealing equipment
  • Nutrition label development
  • A breadth of experience working with various label requirements: organic, special diet and low/high acid
  • An open, professional test kitchen providing a welcoming environment for customers and encourages the sharing of ideas and collaboration with the Truitt team.

From bench-top prototype development to scaled production and packaged for the marketplace, we help our customers stay ahead of the competition.